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Picture of CORE Studios and Offices About 200 yards from the Chronicle offices rise two blue buildings adorned with red silhouettes of dancers in mid-air, looking ready to leap off the walls and dance in the Decatur Square. These buildings house the offices and two dance studios of CORE, for nearly 25 years Atlanta's premier contemporary dance company. CORE moved onto the Decatur Square long before the city's renaissance, and... Read more.



Now we're doing author videos

Chronicle, you might have noticed, has been venturing in the direction of video. We're working on a music video for the Atlanta band Oryx and Crake. It should hit a website near you in May. Also, we recently interviewed one of our favorite authors (and people), Terra Elan McVoy. We talked to her about her novel After the Kiss, what it's like to write for teens, what it's like to write a novel made up entirely of poems, and... Read more.


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