Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen

From his foundational work as CNN.com's first senior
writer, to his publications in noted literary and nonfiction outlets, Jamie brings proven creative talent combined with solid journalistic skills to a wide variety of content production. His first paid writing gig was as an associate producer for Tampa news station WTVT. He spent two-and-a-half years there, writing and producing television news on events like the Simpson trial and the Oklahoma City Bombing (not to mention the usual mayhem found on local news).

Opportunity in Atlanta

In 1996, at the dawn of the dot-com boom, Jamie moved to Atlanta to take a job with CNN.com. He started as a writer for Pagers and QuickNews, but he soon graduated to features writing for the Entertainment and Books sections, where he interviewed and wrote about authors, musicians, and movie personalities. His multimedia articles — on subjects ranging from Myrlie Evers-Williams to “The Blair Witch Project” — were among the first to feature sound and video on CNN.com.

Among other thrills, Jamie was the first CNN.commer to be sent to Key West, Florida, where he reported on the 100th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway's birth, with the help of one of the company's first digital cameras. He also represented CNN.com at events like Sundance, SXSW, the New York Film Festival, and the National Book Awards. Among his favorite interviews: Deepak Chopra, who kept his “meaning of life” thoughts on small scraps of paper in his wallet, next to his money. Least favorite: Tobey Maguire. Best temper-tantrum story about: Rick Springfield.


Since leaving CNN.com in 2001, Jamie has provided a wide range of editorial services for major companies and brands such as Turner, TCM, ING and WebMD. He also helped build Hundreds of Heads Books, an award-winning independent publisher of 20 self-help titles. As chief interviewer, editor and content provider, Jamie's job responsibilities have included project management, copywriting, and — most of all — gathering hundreds of moving, funny, useful stories that fill each book on life's most challenging experiences. Among the titles he has helped produce: the best-selling college life guide, How to Survive Your Freshman Year.

Nonfiction and Literary Efforts

In other nonfiction work, Jamie has written about Natchitoches meat pies and, separately, Nirvana's “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (for Salon); his alma mater's improbable rise in college football (for Slate); local and national music acts (for Creative Loafing); and fun moments in parenting (for DivineCaroline.com).

Jamie's short stories have been published in numerous outlets, including The Missouri Review, New South and Eyeshot, where two of his stories were deemed “notable” in the annual Million Writers Award. He's an occasional contributor of humor pieces to McSweeneys.net. Since 2002, Jamie has created, promoted and performed at literary readings, including one on a double-decker bus. He is the founding editor of The Duck & Herring Co.


A former left-handed pitcher in college, Jamie was drafted in June of 1988 (26th round) by the Philadelphia Phillies. He turned them down. That same year, Jamie played for Hillsborough Community College, which won the Junior College World Series.

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